What I learned from Theology of the Body

The negativity train had been slowly pulling into the station these last couple days and was slowly steeling my joy. As Chika Anyanwu put it in her talk at the online Theology of the Body conference, THE DEVIL IS A JERK. But God is so good and drives out the darkness. I’ve watched Chika’s andContinue reading “What I learned from Theology of the Body”

The Inner Chapel Author Interview

It’s launch day for my dear friend Becky Eldredge!!!! I met Becky on a young adult retreat in Dallas 7 years ago. (How have seven years gone by since that retreat?) It was there where I was first introduced to Ignatian spirituality and spiritual direction. I spent many mornings in her home sipping cups ofContinue reading “The Inner Chapel Author Interview”


I have to admit that I’m not a huge podcast listener, I don’t typically drove long enough to delve into one and if I try to listen at home I’m too distracted and don’t hear much of anything. But today I had to drive to Target, and almost right before I left my friend mentionedContinue reading “Arise…”

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